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Quality Dental Services

Since 1954, Lincoln Dental of Worcester, Massachusetts, has provided generations of families with quality dentistry in a committed effort to promote and protect healthy smiles. With a professional, friendly staff assisting patients in Worcester, Shrewsbury, West Boylston, Auburn, Grafton, and the surrounding areas, Lincoln Dental has treated grandchildren and great-grandchildren of some of its earliest patients. Not only does Lincoln Dental provide annual exams and x-rays along with cleaning and personalized care, patients can also select from a range of cosmetic dentistry options to perfect their healthy smiles.

The top dental team at Lincoln Dental includes Dr. Frank Voci, Dr. Avraham Shainhouse, Dr. Jinwen Chen, Dr. Gaurav Malik, and Dr. Bella Batsevitsky, assisted by a trained, friendly support staff. Each highly skilled dentist is knowledgeable about the latest dental developments and committed to the comfort of each patient. Offering patients a full service dental facility that attends to family members of all ages, Lincoln Dental provides services including dentures, implants, bridgework, and fillings.

For patients seeking the latest improvements in tooth filling replacement, Lincoln Dental offers composite resin fillings to replace metal fillings and eliminate concerns with visible or amalgam fillings. Many patients with flawed teeth or unattractive gaps between teeth can achieve new smiles created by the expert cosmetic dentists of Lincoln Dental. In some cases, a new tooth can be literally sculpted on site with a natural-looking polymer. All patients over 18 can schedule a free consultation for a smile analysis, to discuss options available to create the perfect smile.

Patients interested in finding out how Lincoln Dental in Worcester, Massachusetts, can improve their oral health are encouraged to schedule an appointment online at or by calling the toll free number, (508) 754-5891. All Lincoln Dental dentists are members of the American Dental Association.